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Why glass over other materials for your home remodel?

“HOME” and “HOUSE” are two very different concepts. When you think about your home, it is more than just the address you have your mail sent to. It is a place of comfort, an expression of our personality and a haven from the outside world. Have you noticed how the state of your home can affect your mood? When it’s clean and tidy when you’re calm, happy and comfortable and when it’s messy it’s the opposite? Yes! We all do this. The design and decor of your house can have the same affect.

Take a look around your home. Is it feeling outdated? Do you have old tiles or other materials? Is it time to spruce things up? Replacing outdated material is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions for your home and glass is a durable and beautiful material to consider. Here’s why:

Durable and hygienic in high traffic areas:

Homeowners, designers and home builders are choosing glass over other materials due to its durability and how easy it is to sanitize. It’s great for high traffic areas like kitchen glass backsplashes or glass wall panels in showers and baths.

Endless design possibilities for all rooms: Innovative glass design can create a beautiful space in any room of your home. Our clients love to add color to a glass backsplash, patterned or textured glass to bathroom glass wall panels or an antique mirror to a bar area.

Adapts to any style: Nothing dates a bathroom like outdated tile or stained grout. A glass shower enclosure provides a timeless alternative that is easy to clean and avoids grout altogether! Combine with a frameless glass shower door or a sliding glass shower door to meet your needs and style.

Safe and beautiful: In many states, pool fences are a legal requirement. Ugly or flimsy pool fences are not. More and more families are choosing glass pool fences that guard against slipping through bars or tearing down netting while not obstructing a clear view to the pool water. Enjoy the beauty of your pool while keeping your family securely in site.

Still not sure about glass? Considerations for your home.

The versatility of glass make it an ideal option for any room in your home. An experienced glazier will collaborate with you on the design and help create a unique space you will love for years.

Back painted glass: Back painted glass can be used to decorate your bathroom, kitchen, or any empty wall you desire. In kitchens, back-painted glass back-splashes are being used for their design versatility, ability to endure high temperatures and simplicity of cleaning.

Glass wall panels: Glass wall panels are a fantastic option for shower walls. Gone are the days of having to deal with moldy grout. A sleek glass wall can be back-painted to match any design pallet.

Specialty glass and mirrors: There are dozens of textured, tempered, glazed and finished glass and mirrors to customize your space. With all these options, you can think beyond a kitchen and bath and update any space of your home – even outdoor living spaces!

A renovation or remodel doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact a professional glazier and they can help you throughout the process. Explore the various glass options available and brainstorm new ideas for your home. Glass never disappoints!

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