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Elevators and Lobbies

Glass Design for Elevator Cabs and Lobbies

Elevators potential to add to the beauty and aesthetic of a structure is often overlooked. Glass wall panels, both in the elevator interior and along the elevator lobby walls, are a clean, modern and customizable option.   Enjoy unlimited design possibilities with dozens of color choices and LEED friendly materials. Your elevators and lobby areas can be transformed with colorback glass panels in as little as one week.

Elevator Interiors & Lobbies

Glass wall panels in an elevator interior and lobby help connect a highly utilized space with the rest of the building.  The right color or texture can be customized to match a corporate color scheme or balance the colors and textures of the rest of the space.


Reception Areas

The reception area is not just a place to wait, it is the face of the office or building. Add something that is welcoming not just for your staff and tenants but for all visitors. Glass reception desks and other glass accents create an eye-catching space that is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain.

Interior Glass Walls

Customize glass walls with company logos, inspirational quotes or bold colors to create an energetic work environment or retail space.

Elevators and Lobbies Gallery

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