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How long does it take to have my new backsplash installed? 

Eridion Glass has industry leading  lead times with typical projects ready to be installed in just 5-7 business days.

How long will the install take? 

Most standard kitchens and shower enclosures can take just 1 hour from start to finish, bathroom wall panels can take up to half a day.

I have children, is the glass safe? 

Yes, all Eridion Glass panels are tempered safety glass where possible to meet American Standards ASTM C1048. The tempering process makes the glass have a minimum surface compression of 10,000 pounds-per-square-inch (psi).

Can I have glass behind my gas stove top? 

Yes, you can. With all Eridion Glass panels being tempered safety glass to meet American Standards ASTM C1048, this makes the glass heat resistant and therefor the perfect product to have behind your stove top.

What colors can I select? 

Eridion Glass offers our own in house standard color range to select from (see virtual kitchen), or you can select a custom color and we can match in-house for you and provide you a painted glass sample for your approval.

Does the glass come with a Warranty? 

Absolutely! Eridion Glass offers a 10-year written warranty on all colored backsplashes, as well as 5-year warranty on all mirror products, and a 2-year warranty on all shower enclosures, countertops, and pool fences.

How do I clean my glass? 

Cleaning your new Eridion Glass product is simple. As there are no grout lines or crevices for grease to get trapped in, the flat non-porous surface of glass makes cleaning a breeze. We recommend any standard glass cleaning products with a lint-free or microfiber cloth.

Can I install over the top of exiting tiles? 

The good news is, YES. Save yourself money and the hassle of a messy demolition by installing your new Eridion Glass backsplash or shower wall panels straight over the top of your existing tiles. In fact, we can basically install over the top of any surface finish.

Are mechanical fixings used to install glass backsplashes or wall panels? 

No, mechanical fixings (hinges, screws, nails, etc.) are not required to install any colored glass panels to walls. However, if requested we can use mechanical fixings at corners of the glass panels as clients tend to use this as a feature finish.

Are your consultants background checked? 

Absolutely. All of our friendly onsite staff have had a background check and are drug tested regularly for the peace of mind of all of our loyal customers. Prior to our employee arriving to your home, you will receive and email or text with your consultants photo ID and details so you know who to expect.

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