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Why glass vs. tile? … in the era of pandemics

Why glass vs. tile? Well, when we are talking about decorating your home, the simple answer is style. Glass can provide a sleek and subtle background that can go with any style. From modern to craftsman style. From glass kitchen backsplashes to full glass wall panels in your shower – glass can provide a timeless canvas that will allow your style to evolve and change around it. Even if your style goes from boho chic to minimalist modern, our clients have created unique and beautiful expressions of their style leveraging glass as a simple foundation for their broader décor.

For starters, glass is nonporous. That may not seem like a big deal but, in an era of pandemics, a nonporous surface is ideal to keeping your home sanitized and your family happy and healthy! Why do you think hospitals and medical offices use it so often? Ceramic tiles are beautiful but are quite porous and can absorb liquid and any contaminants within. Think of all the germs that float around in a kitchen or bathroom and how they might be absorbed by your tile. Ok, don’t think about it too hard – it can be a little gross – but imagine how easy it would be to sanitize a glass kitchen backsplash or glass shower wall panels? Simply spray with alcohol or another sanitizing cleaner and wipe clean. Even better, you won’t have any grout to worry about! No mildew, no fading or changing grout colors…so much easier to clean!

As a substance, ceramic is thought to be “tougher” than glass, but they are similarly strong. Keep in mind that all the glass we use in kitchens and bathrooms is tempered – making it exceptionally durable. I don’t know about your house, but the kitchen and bathrooms at ours get a ton of traffic! Whether you’re cooking a meal using all burners or have little ones playing on the shower floor with their toys, glass will hold up to the heat and play time beating…and, again, so easy to clean! Spaghetti sauce splatter will simply wipe right off! Leftover bubbles or soap slide right off! Because of this durability, you won’t have to worry about broken tiles and what happens when you have to replace one.

In short, there are so many reasons to choose glass for your kitchen or bathroom décor. Many of our clients start using it in one room and love it so much we continue to others. Check out the gallery on our website to see some of the work we’ve done in kitchens and baths recently.Enjoy!

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