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What is a Glazier? ...and why do I need one?

Updated: May 13, 2020

What is a glazier?

Glass has become a popular choice in interior design lately. It hadn’t been as common for home decor, especially in the United States, but using glass over tiles or other materials has steadily become more popular due to its durability, ability to match any aesthetic and ease of cleaning. Glass can be used in kitchens for glass back splashes or glass counter tops, in bathrooms for glass shower wall panels or glass vanities and even outdoors for glass pool fences!

While glass is a multi-purpose material, it’s best to have an expert to manufacture and install it in your home. A glazier is an individual who cuts, installs, repairs, removes and replaces glass.

In residential glazing, glaziers also install glass, mirrors, shower doors or bathtub enclosures. In commercial buildings, they do heavy work like installing security glass windows and room dividers for separating spaces.

Why should I choose a glazier over a general contractor?


The experience a glazier builds over the years is invaluable. It is that experience that is important to consider for glass work when choosing a glazier over a general contractor. Glaziers are able to adapt when problems arise while fitting a glass wall panel or back splash and can easily and quickly problem solve. A general contractor with less expertise in this specialty may not have the same ability.


When working with a glazier, they will pay close attention to your space to ensure that your vision is executed with beauty and efficiency. They will be able to provide innovative solutions for special and unique projects. Having seen just about everything in glass work and have installed in all types of commercial and residential spaces, they can offer you a level of collaborative design support that may not be within a general contractor’s skill set. Plus, they have knowledge about all the glass types and textures available for you to choose from.


You can trust a glazier to care for your home while working on it. Dealing with materials as delicate as glass translates easily in how careful and gentle they are with your home. Most experienced glaziers will treat your home like their own and ensure that they leave it better than they found it!


Glaziers provide a wide range of services related to glass. They provide installation, replacement, repair, etc services. A general contractor may not be able to provide all of these services and may even outsource for some resulting in longer installation times and different levels of professionalism.


A glazier is a specialty service and easily estimated. You can expect reasonable and detailed estimates whereas a general contractor, with less expertise in glass installation, may provide higher estimates due to lack of knowledge in the process.

These are only some of the basic qualities you can think of when deciding between a glazier and a general contractor. Their expertise and skill set is not limited to the information above. The bottom line is that you will be more comfortable with someone in your home who has the expertise and special skills to meet your needs.

Choosing any contractor for you home remodeling project can seem overwhelming. Feel free to interview them personally, look into their reputation and professionalism and when you feel comfortable, start the exciting process of remodeling your bath or kitchen!

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