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What should I look for when choosing a contractor for my kitchen or bath remodel?

Considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel? This should be an exciting time but it’s often the opposite. Worry and anxiety about choosing a trustworthy, efficient partner usually take over all the fun parts. It doesn’t have to be that way!

If you have renovation ideas, don’t hold back. Choosing the right contractor can be easy with a few simple considerations.

Here is a list of qualities you can consider when you’re researching a remodel contractor:

Reputation: The first thing you should look for when choosing a contractor is their reputation in the market. A good reputation means they not only have met their client’s expectations but exceeded them. Check out their website and look for customer testimonials or reviews. Clients don’t give those out easily, especially for public consumption. You can also check Google or Yelp reviews. If people are happy (of unhappy) with their services then they will put reviews online unsolicited.

Budget: Usually, your budget is your biggest concern. If a company provides good services but does not stay within your budget, then you’ve got a problem. A good subcontractor will be transparent with you regarding all the possible risks and make provisions for them in your estimate.

Experience: After budget and market reputation comes experience. There are many specialties that require a certain expertise – like a glazier for glass work. Working with certain materials can be risky and you want to ensure that your contractor can problem-solve without going over budget.

Professionalism: Professionalism and respect for you and your home should be a quality that you can get a feeling for once you narrow down your search and start talking to companies one on one. From receptionists to the actual contractor, a company’s professionalism (or lack thereof) will run deep into it’s culture and, subsequently, to their clients.

These are just some important qualities to look into while searching for a contractor but ultimately, trust yourself and the research you’ve done to choose the company that is right for you!

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