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3 Bath Trends for 2021 that are Beautiful & Functional

Bathroom updates aren’t like other room refreshes. You can’t just buy a new rug and some pillow covers and call it a day! The time and monetary investment can be considerable, so you want to make sure you get the most out of your decisions. Here are a few trends to help whether you’re in the Pinterest stage or ready to go.

1. Color saturation is simple but significant.

From bright and cheery to dark and moody, color is an easy way to set the mood for your bathroom space. Where you choose to add a pop of color is up to you. Cabinetry, wall paint or tiles. Or consider colorback glass! Unlike tiles, colorback glass paint can be matched to any sample color you desire! You can even have an image digitally printed on the glass! So go ahead, choose that perfect shade of emerald green from your favorite scarf or create a window looking out onto your favorite beach from a picture. Use color to create your very own, at home oasis!

2. Mixing metals or finishes is chic and interesting.

Gone are the days of being tied to brushed nickel on every piece of hardware in your bathroom! Mixing textures and metals adds layers of color and expands the overall palette of the space. Don’t be afraid to combine black matte with gold! Or if you are doing a remodel and don’t want to change out all your hardware, feel free to mix complimentary finishes and tie it together with accessories. Feel free to get fancy and choose a gold light fixture with your oiled bronze sink faucet or black matte hardware on your shower to go with your brushed nickel shower head! There are no mistakes and can easily be changed when you’re ready for another refresh.

3. Asymmetrical mirrors for a fun conversation piece.

Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom but who said they have to be perfect rectangular builder grade mirrors? Consider a fun geometric space or stacking mirrors rather than simply placing them side by side. Did you know that mirrors come in more than just one color? Along with the standard silver mirror, two popular choices are smoky grey and bronze. If you have a small space, an interesting wall mirror could add light and space to the room.

There are so many subtle ways you can add impact to your bathroom! Keep in mind that you don’t want to cover up all that beauty so also consider simple yet impactful shower enclosures to help showcase your upgrades. And always choose a professional when working with glass and mirror. You want to ensure the quality of your investment.

What would be your first update to your bathroom?

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