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3 tips for cleaning glass & keeping it that way!

Two things I’ve learned working in the glass and mirror business:

1.) How to be a wiz at cleaning reflective surfaces!

2.) You’d better get comfortable with your self-image cuz you are going to be seeing it quite often! 😊

Our client’s love the look of glass shower doors but take a sec when we recommend glass shower wall panels or glass kitchen backsplashes. It’s not that they don’t like the style and durability, they just worry about having to keep it clean.

When I tell you I have tried everything, I literally have tried EVERYTHING! Luckily, cleaning glass and KEEPING it clean is super simple and doesn’t require any special voodoo. Keep in mind, glass is nonporous and extremely hygienic when kept clean!

3 tips for cleaning glass and keeping it that way!

1. Apply a protective coating to glass products

A glass protective coating, like Rain-X, isn’t just for car windows! It’s a great solution to keep hardwater stains at bay and your glass sparkling with minor cleaning for months on end. Many glass companies apply a protective polymer glass coating but that can drive up your initial costs and DIY is a more cost-efficient choice. Note: Always talk to your glazier or contractor before applying. Not all protective coatings are created equal and some specialty glasses should not be coated.

2. Keep a couple of handy tools around (microfiber, squeegee, squeegee extender (links)

I have a lot of fun tools to help me clean glass and love giving them as gifts to friends and family – probably not what they were expecting in their stockings at Christmas! Start with microfiber or lint free cloths. Streaks and lint on glass are a nuisance and defeat the purpose of all your cleaning! Along with that, a good squeegee with an extender helps reach high or low places saving you some back pain. There are also some fancy squeegees that have a spray tool built in! This is especially handy for tall glass kitchen backsplashes or glass bathroom wall panels.

3. Cleaners that work

First, don’t sleep on Windex – they have one job, to make glass cleaner! …and they are good at it! For a more natural choice, I love using water and vinegar. The smell dissipates quickly and disinfects beautifully. My secret weapon on glass is isopropyl alcohol! Cheap and mighty, it is great at eliminating any oil or goo and a perfect finishing touch to remove any streaks! I keep a special spray bottle with just the alcohol and finish with a quick spritz and a lint free cloth for a sparkly surface!

I’m always curious to hear what other people use to clean so drop a comment. Knowing how to care for our products is another way we help our clients enjoy the beauty of their glass. If you have any additional questions about glass products, please feel free to reach out to us at 1.844.ERIDION or visit our website to see more of our work! Thanks for stopping by.

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